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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

About butterflys

Butterflys usually have antennae to smell nectar.

Butterfly use they colourful wing to fly and go to flowers each day. they sucks nectar from the flowers.

A butterfly's wings are made up of thousands of tiny scales. its body is covered with millions of soft hairs. Before the butterfly born they have mums and dad and the mother butterfly lay a egg.

Inside the egg a caterpillar the small into big. And caterpillar eat leaves all day to make it into a butterfly.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Being Friends

First A lonely girl name Rudy her don’t got any friends and is time to go inside now and Rudy was not happy at all because Rudy don’t know they names yet but everyone knows they names they name are Broomfield Whitten and Ellen they are good kids they can be your friends Rudy ok miss funny. Miss funny which class I in 2f with me Rudy. Meat your new class. Hello Rudy said Broomfield you will be are friend said Ellen. It work time kids said miss funny.

ok kids we are learning about plan ok kids. Sais miss funny. and Went they done they can read a book at the floor. Ok kids. It lunchtime kids said miss funny and they go a long to they tables and they eating together they was noise and they have to play outside went they was really, really noise at all. And Rudy was playing with Broomfield Whitten and Ellen. Rudy like them a little bit. They play together all day. Rudy like it a little bit at the all.

Its time to go inside we have to sit drown at the floor. Story time said miss funny. First a girl name Rudy her love to play with her friend we stop they kids ok its home time said miss funny.

The End

Loving Friends

First a girl name jerry her love her friends. Her play with her friends her love them so much they never brake up but suddly they brake up they don’t love them so much and they friend but just now they were friend and they brake up. Can you sovle that great lets think ok first they were friends and they brake up I think they have to be friends together all day said everyone ok lets ask jerry. Jerry can you be friend again and said you and they were friends together.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Monday, May 3, 2010

recycle idea

BBQ at cannock chase

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Charlotte's Web

First a pig name Wilbur. And a girl name Fern. And a Spider name Charlotte. Wilbur Make Friends With Fern and Charlotte. I know who wrote this story is E.B white. My Teacher Know about Charlotte ‘ Wed. in My class we watch Charlotte ‘ web. At home we watch Charlotte ‘ Web. At the Farm there are some animal called a horses ducks pig spider and sheep.

My Sister Aisyah watching Charlotte ‘Web. the sad park is Charlotte going to die. And Wilbur bring some spider egg. Went Wilbur is back in the Farm his friends said hooray you got the Wining metal thing. and Wilbur friends said well done Wilbur. and Wilbur said thing. Charlotte die on the that sad or good.sad.Wilbur I know you love Charlotte so much.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


selly manor leaflet

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

about school

My Teacher Name is Miss Broomfield

My small Sister Teacher Name Miss Whitten

My Big Brother Teacher Name Miss Lilliy

My Friends Names are Aisyah Nurin Aiman Wrood Aneesah Laura

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

about everythings

I Born At 2003

My Big Brother Born At 2001

My Little Sister Born At 2005

My Small Sister Born At 2003

My Mother Born At 1976

My Father Born At 1976

Monday, April 19, 2010

about myself

My name is Aimie.

My Birthday is on Agaust of 28.

My Favorite Thing is a Flower.

My Favorite doll is a Lion.

My Favorite Friends is Nurin and Aiman and My Sister is Aisyah.

I Love My Family.

I Love Food.

School is Fun.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

blossom and bear

"Today was a good day we play good but my sister Aisyah is not Happy today, my mother alwais make a cake, my big brother play games all day. my little sister like milks. my dad dos some hard hard works. Today I love my good good family. We go to the shop. at school is best. We with are friend. The teacher gots friend too."

sleeping beauty

First a Baby Born Today . and a Little prince came in Front Fo the Baby . and a Little prince Look at the Baby . the Baby Look Little said the Little prince . and a wicked Queen came in Front fo the Baby . the Baby Look Sad . and everyone Look Sad . and the wicked Queen is gone.

and sleeping Birthday is Today . and the Fairys makeing the cake and the dress . the Green Fairy makeing the cake . and the pink and Blue was Fighting. Outside Sleeping Beauty pick Berry . and a Big prince here someone singing . its Sleeping Beauty. and then a Big prince Come to Sleeping Beauty. and then their Dance together.

and there Dance together. and their Marry.