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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Being Friends

First A lonely girl name Rudy her don’t got any friends and is time to go inside now and Rudy was not happy at all because Rudy don’t know they names yet but everyone knows they names they name are Broomfield Whitten and Ellen they are good kids they can be your friends Rudy ok miss funny. Miss funny which class I in 2f with me Rudy. Meat your new class. Hello Rudy said Broomfield you will be are friend said Ellen. It work time kids said miss funny.

ok kids we are learning about plan ok kids. Sais miss funny. and Went they done they can read a book at the floor. Ok kids. It lunchtime kids said miss funny and they go a long to they tables and they eating together they was noise and they have to play outside went they was really, really noise at all. And Rudy was playing with Broomfield Whitten and Ellen. Rudy like them a little bit. They play together all day. Rudy like it a little bit at the all.

Its time to go inside we have to sit drown at the floor. Story time said miss funny. First a girl name Rudy her love to play with her friend we stop they kids ok its home time said miss funny.

The End

Loving Friends

First a girl name jerry her love her friends. Her play with her friends her love them so much they never brake up but suddly they brake up they don’t love them so much and they friend but just now they were friend and they brake up. Can you sovle that great lets think ok first they were friends and they brake up I think they have to be friends together all day said everyone ok lets ask jerry. Jerry can you be friend again and said you and they were friends together.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Monday, May 3, 2010

recycle idea

BBQ at cannock chase